Our Community

The Northside community of Fort Worth, contains 18.5 square miles, or about 5.8 percent of the land within the Fort Worth city limits.

It is densly populate area, and of the 52,137 people living here 87% are of Hispanic or Latino origin.

The households of the North Side can generally be described as young Hispanic families with children, or single parents living in multi-generational family-units. Many parents work blue collar and labor intensive jobs to provide for their families.

The North Side is also home to many long-standing Mexican restaurants that attract locals and tourists alike, as well as The Stockyards, one of Fort Worth’s major tourist attractions which draws more than 1.5 million tourists annually. But you will find no continuity between the lucrative restaurants, the well preserved Stockyards and the community that surrounds it. If you venture to far off ‘Main Street’ you will find an impoverished culture surviving in a decaying infrastructure.

Since 2010 the city of Fort Worth has been working on implementing an economic development strategy for the Northside. We are excited to see the impact of these proposed changes, but we feel there is still major potential for over-all community development, beginning with its youth.

From the outside looking in, the Northside neighborhood has a dangerous reputation for its gang activity and drug trade. The reality is that this reputation is deserved and these problems truly exist.  However, during our time investing in the community we see a younger generation who has the desire and potential to end this cycle of poverty and violence, but they simply lack the resources and the opportunity.

A Snap Shot of the Northside Community



Male: 53%
Female: 47%

Under 19: 38%
20 or Above: 62%

Hispanic: 87%
White: 9%
Black: 4%

Annual Median Family Income

All Information based on 2010 Census Data