Our Programs

Relevant Programs is the core of our ministry. We want to give the Northside community's youth access to comprehensive programs that provide access to resources and opportunities to use their talents to better themselves and the entire community. Upon survey and review of the current programs available to the Northside we have found area for growth under the following categories:

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Community Development


Artistic Expression

Our goal is to provide the Community of the Northside with programs that will directly address these needs within the community. We believe that in order for our ministry to be successful, programs must operate under the following principles:

Challenging and Unique

If our programs are not fun, unique, and challenging, then there is nothing that is going to attract young people.

Adults are Facilitators, Not Leaders

Youth programs are for the youth. That means that the first-line leaders of the program should be young adults or representatives from the teens themselves. Adults will focus on the overall strategy of the program.

High Learning Agility

We will not be anchored to particular program models or ideas if they are not working in the real world. It is imperative to learn from mistakes, and constantly adapt to the conditions.

Holistic Growth

We ultimately want our programs to directly impact the lives of young people and encourage them to grow in all aspects of their lives; mentally, physically and spiritually