Our Mission

Our mission is to provide youth with opportunities to practice their various gifts, and help them find their identity in Christ.

We have a vision of a ministry that is founded upon the following:

  • A Community United
    A partnership of churches, businesses, non-profits, and education systems within a community working together to empower disadvantaged young persons with opportunities to develop the necessary skills, ethics and knowledge to become impactful leaders in their community today, and in the future.
  • Relevant Programs
    The provision of comprehensive programs that give youth access to resources and opportunities to utilize their talents, to benefit themselves and the community at large.
  • Quality Leaders
    Devoted leaders who are passionate about investing in the lives of youth within the community and who encourage and enable young persons to do the same one day.
  • Youth Involvement
    Youth involved in the leadership, development and transformation of a community.
  • Culture of Discipleship
    A community-wide culture of discipleship that cultivates holistic youth.